Inspiring people to take urgent environment and climate action during the 12th International Seminar on Sustainable Regions in Spain.

Elevate Festival In Graz, Austria

“As the impacts intensify over time, we the young people and children of today will face the worst effects and live longer with the consequences of the world’s inaction but we refuse to give up without a fight. We who see the urgency will continue to rise up, act, speak up and demand for urgent climate action. We aren’t asking for a favour in fighting the climate crisis, it’s our right,” Elizabeth Wathuti. 

No Planet B International Forum by Ami Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal

Speaking at the ‘No Planet B- One and Only Planet for Everyone’ in Lisbon, Portugal courtesy of Ami Foundation. I engaged in a climate change conversation hosted by the president of AMI Foundation and the President of the National Environment and Sustainable Development Council.

World Youth Forum in Egypt

Speaking at the World Youth Forum in Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh during the ‘Youth Ideas to Protect the Environment’ in December, 2019. 

Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn, Germany

Elizabeth  Wathuti from Kenya

Advocacy | Empowerment | Collaboration | Conservation | Planning

“I would like to be a landscape leader because I am a young change maker who believes in landscape restoration as an opportunity to transform lives and i know that its achievement calls for bold and innovative leadership”.

 Selected among the top 10 global youths in landscape forum to attend the Youths in landscape leadership initiative and the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn, Germany. 

Help Me Fight Deforestation

"Deforestation may be seen as a local issue but it has got global consequences!
Elizabeth Wathuti
Environmentalist, Climate Activist

Give Planet Earth A Chance.

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